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Mukesh Thapa Son of Shri. M.S Thapa is a Permanent resident of Shamnagar, Dharamshala, District : KangraI , ( Himachal Pradesh ). 

I had a passion for painting and art from my childhood. When studying in 6th standard, the field of painting attracted me to its side. All my friends and teachers appreciated my work in the field of painting. That appreciation of my resulted into passion and became my aim. I work continuously for 15 hours a day to improve and sharpen my skills. The specialty of my paintings is that I have made paintings in different categories like portrait, landscape, contemporary, architecture, modern art etc and have been nominated for national and international category.


Many renowned personalities such as PM Sh. Manmohan Singh, CM Sh. Virbhadra Singh, Amitabh Bachan, Salman Khan, Rohan Govaskar etc. have appreciated my work and I have also presented them their portraits and sketches